Select Your Fibre-to-the-Building




1. Download speed up to 1000Mbps; Upload speed up to 100 Mbps***

2. Unlimited Usage

3. Price Guarantee for 2 years, afterwards the price will be $39.98 plus taxes

4. No Contract

5. No Service Deposit

6. Extended Warranty – 30 days full refund of monthly invoice, but the processing fee won’t be refunded**

7. Wired Device (GPON Fibre Modem) Rental Fee - $0 (Original Price $9.98)

8. Wired Device (Wired Modem) Rental Fee - $5 (Original Price $9.98)

9. Processing Fee includes Shipping Fee of $59.95 (Original Price $99.95)**

10. No Credit Check

11. If an AC Mesh M2 Wi-Fi Router is needed, additional rental fee of $5/m plus taxes

12. All wired and wireless cable modems on rental basis must be returned within 14 days upon cancellation at own cost