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High Performance

Can-Net delivers the fastest, high performance internet connectivity you need during peak hours (5pm-12am). We provide various high speed cable internet plan which will keep your vital applications running; while your network will never bound your operations.

Reliable Hardware

Can-Net was established in 2009; since our introduction we have grown to be the largest third party ISP on the Canadian market. We provide reliable hardware (modems/routers) which are extremely user friendly and easy to set up; we use the most prominent equipment available on the market.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated team of Technical support engineers; who will assist you on any technical matter from installation to diagnostics.


  • Cable 30

  • $ 44.98
  • Download: 30 M
  • Upload: 5 M
  • Activation Fee: $ 99.95
  • Shipping Charges: $ 0
  • Term: NO
  • Order Now
  • Cable 150

  • $ 59.98
  • Download: 150 M
  • Upload: 15 M
  • Activation Fee: $ 99.95
  • Shipping Charges: $ 0
  • Term: NO
  • Order Now
  • Cable 250

  • $ 89.98
  • Download: 250 M
  • Upload: 20 M
  • Activation Fee: $ 99.95
  • Shipping Charges: $ 0
  • Term: NO
  • Order Now


I am impressed with the great service of Can NET. I have to say they have provided me the best internet plan which has surpassed my expectations. I have been a customer of CAN- NET since the company started and what they commit they provide. On top of that I have been offered a free month of service. The customer service is limited but helpful In addition, I would recommend the users to try the service for future. Keep Doing Great!

Markos. K

I am just writing a few lines to show my appreciation For a CAN NET. I was previously using the other ISP for the internet services and was not happy enough. I heard about the Can Net but was confused will they provide reliable internet service or not. Set up with them is easy. The agent who offered tech support fixed it all within 10 minutes; got me connected smoothly. He was very polite and helpful. I've been using this ISP since 2010 and not faced any issue. They value their customers. Really appreciate your Service!

Jenny. M

Earlier I had an account with Rogers and the service provided by Rogers is beyond poor but I am grateful for the best service and unlimited plan provided by the CAN NET. They not only helped me to save my time but also cost as well as met my expectations and everything which is in a professional and timely manner. The level of continued service and attention, I have received throughout the years has been phenomenal. Wishing them all the success


High Performance: The performance and speed depends upon the Internet Service Provider (ISP). CANNET delivers the fastest and high performance internet connectivity you need during the peak hours. We provide various kind of high speed cable internet plan which will keep your crucial applications running and your network will never bound your operations.
Enjoy the reliable & high-performance Internet connectivity
Unlimited Usage
Enjoy cost effective & consistent connectivity
Low latency service for high performance
You can access to cloud applications, video streaming and large file transfers
Unlimited speed to support all the devices at your home.
CANNET has many years of experience in providing high-performance in Canada. CANNET offers you the benefits of high-performance cable internet plans with the maximum download speed up to 100Mbps or more. Compare internet rates by download speed, upload speed and bandwidth and find the lowest internet prices available. For more information contact us.
Reliable Hardware: CANNET Started the services in year 2009, which is the biggest and prominent ISP in Canadian market. We provide reliable hardware devices (modems, routers) which include ease of setup and use, software features and available ports etc.
It totally depends on your device, moreover the modem communicates with your Internet service provider’s network. If it’s a cable modem, than it will plug into your cable provider’s infrastructure via a coaxial cable. If it’s a FTTN modem, it plugs into your telephone line.
Depend on you how you choose the right device, based on many things, listed below:
Mode of accessing the internet (via coaxial cable or telephone)
How many internet ready devices you have
Type of online internet activity
All cable modems are DOCSIS 3.0 compliant
Modems are 4 bounded upstream and 8 bounded downstream channels.
1 GE LAN port.
Choose the best device for you below listed:
All the products listed above are with 100% guaranteed for quality and performance.
We have a team of dedicated Technical support engineers, who help you to find your needs and technical requirements.
Their expertise will provide you the optimal solution with all the possible methods available to meet your needs and requirements.
Our specialists will provision your order step by step, ensuring you have a single point of contact all the time.
Our Support Team will examine the issues to maintain the network stability
Customer Support Team: We have a large customer care team and each executive is fully qualified to help you with any questions you have about any of our products and services.
Online Chat Support: Chat with our experts & get instant help from our customer service executive via chat. If you have questions about our services and products, simply log in to chat window filling your details like phone number, email etc and our customer service executive will be happy to help you. We’ll keep you up to date throughout the process of resolving your complaint:
The live chat team will intend to resolve your problem
If that’s not possible, they will escalate your problem
We will investigate the case further.
Any associate of our complaints team will call you within 48 hours with a resolution.
Online Complaint management: Customers can reach us through the online ticketing tool to register the complaints about billing & technical support. We will track the ticket and we’ll get back to you with a resolution.