11February 2019

What is the right internet connection for my needs?

There are different types of internet services that people can get in their homes. Different services are available in different areas, this of course depends very much on where you live. In this article we are talking about the different types of internet connections and which one you should pick. In our next article in March we will go over different types of internet plans and how to pick the right one.

Here in Canada we have the following internet connections to choose from:

  • DSL internet
  • Cable internet
  • Fibre internet
  • Satellite internet

DSL is delivered through most houses through the existing phone lines and in Canada most internet service providers are able to provide internet speeds up to 50Mbps. The drawback of this internet service is the limitation in speed and the quality deterring the further your home is from the node or the service provider.

Cable internet is delivered to homes via coaxial cables. The speeds of cable internet can reach up to even 1000Mbps nowadays, which is much faster than DSL internet but the downside is that you are sharing the service with the people in the neighbourhood or in your building. If you have more people using your cable internet in your neighbourhood or building during peak hours you might experience much slower speeds than what you signed up for. Also, if there are too many subscribers in your area using cable internet services I would think twice before subscribing to cable internet because of congestion.

Fibre internet is available in certain regions/areas and it is a brand new technology transferring signals over fibre optic cables. Other connections such as DSL and Cable internet connections are susceptible to bad weather or electrical interference because of the copper and coaxial technology. Fibre optic cables are super strong and not hindered by electrical or weather influences. Fibre internet is often able to have very high upload speeds as well, which is not possible with DSL or cable internet. If you are lucky to have fibre internet in your home, I would suggest looking at the possible providers and choosing any fibre optical plan any day over all the other choices. Although sometimes fibre internet plans can be more expensive.

For some people who live in rural areas, the only access to the internet they have is through a satellite internet connection. Often, these connections have limitations in bandwidth usage and are not fast in speed. Another downside is that these plans tend to be expensive. But if you do not have any other options you have to play the cards you have been dealt or you need to find a new area to live in with more options for internet.

In summary, I would recommend fibre optic internet for most people. If that is not available, DSL internet might be a good option or cable if you live in an area with not too many cable subscribers. And if you have no choice you are stuck with satellite internet.

For people who are still on the fence about what plans to order, we at CanNet offer very affordable cable and DSL internet plans with unlimited usage and no contracts. We have high-speed internet plans starting from $29.98/m. Visit our plan page for internet plan and details: https://www.cannettel.com/internet/cable or call our customer service representatives at 1-800-208-7798 so that they can check what internet connections are available at your address. Also, stay tuned for our next blog article about internet plans and choosing the right plan for your needs.