19November 2019


This is always a fascinating subject to talk/discuss or even dream about. I am sure most of you have wondered before what the world would look like without the internet For many people, going without the internet even for a few hours is unthinkable. That's why we have carved out a sample list of what we would observe if the Internet would not exist.

“People would carry out all the same activities they would have done if the internet had been up, but things move slower so things would get finished two or three days later,”

Feelings of isolation and anxiety would hit people across the board, however. “Most of the internet is designed for one purpose: to allow us to communicate with each other,”

We are used to being able to connect to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. “An inability to do that would be unsettling.” It’s a feeling Borg recognizes too. “I know when I realize I’ve left my Smartphone behind, I feel slightly naked,” he says. “I suddenly have to think, ‘Do I actually know where I’m going? What if my car breaks down, could I talk anyone into letting me use their phone to call for help?’”

· If the cell phone towers and telephone lines were also affected, we'd be reduced to writing letters and sending them through the post office.

· Shopping transactions, online business & banking transactions are made simple, without any using the internet. Without it, we resort to cheques and bank orders, and payments would take days to process. Retail and in particular shopping malls would become booming and thriving again.

· Learning through websites is a simple & quick way of learning or studying, without the internet, we would have to go out and sit in classrooms to learn anything new.

· More waste. With a reduced “digital footprint” there would be much more physical waste. Of course, how electricity was generated would determine if pollution was greater or lower.

· Without the internet and online games and apps, children would indulge more in outdoor games and social activities

· I think Apple would have gone out of business because part of its resurgence was fuelled by the rise of the World Wide Web.

· No Wikipedia meant students doing their homework and completing their projects themselves, which involves hard work and dedication, resulting in intelligent and logically adept children around the world. Of course, some still would not do their homework.

· No online banking systems available, which meant people, had to stand in long queues for withdrawals, deposits, cheque clearances, etc.

· Had there been no Internet, there would have been more severe deforestation than happening now. For everything, paperwork would have increased causing huge environmental degradation and who knows going at this rate, hardly any trees would be left causing the world to get extinct within the next few decades. I am answering this question mainly with reference to the effect on Environment had there been no Internet. THE INTERNET IS A BOON FOR HUMANKIND!!!

· People would use regular voice calling instead of VOIP or the free WhatsApp and Facebook calling. People would meet you in person, unlike now.

· There would be no Google, Wikipedia and etc. People would go to libraries to search/read articles.

  • What is your smartphone without internet?

· Blockbuster would flourish and video rental stores would be popular again. You cannot just stream something on Netflix or Youtube without internet.

  • Cable Television would make a huge comeback.

There are so many things that simply would not be possible without internet and so many things we just take for granted. We thrive on instant gratification. The world with the internet is moving at such a fast pace that is really hard to keep up with digital or internet trends. You can connect almost all electronic devices to the internet. The internet of Things is something we could only dream of before or was the concoction of some sci-fi flicks in a very utopian future such as in Gene Robbery's Star Trek or a Philip. K Dick novel. It is fun to imagine a world without internet, sometimes taking a break from the Internet can be a good thing. But I know for sure the world cannot go without internet anymore.