05September 2019

Things to do on the Internet besides social media

The Internet is a deep sea full of information and knowledge one may ever need in their life. Everyone is online doing one thing or another. Social media is a big part of the internet where people come together to socialize with each other while being in two separate corners of the world. After the boom of the Internet and social media, people are stuck to their devices surfing through social media and taking pictures to post online all the time, but besides social media what else do people do on the internet?

Some would say watch movies and TV shows from the websites like Netflix or Zulu or play games online. But these are just media of entertainment, but what if you learn something on the internet and make use of it in real life? The Internet is full of things, people from around the world upload lots of content every day. How to Cook, How to do makeup, How to speak Korean, who was the person who invented the World Wide Web; the Internet has answers to all our questions to satisfy our curiosity. All one has to do is take time and look for it on the internet. There are many people who learned cooking, how to drive a car and even singing and drawing from watching YouTube videos, and people who learned video editing and made it their profession. People are also sharing their own knowledge online for others to learn, and many are also earning by sharing their knowledge online like YouTube and blogs. Why are you still thinking? Start your business, sell your ideas or your services on a global platform, or help donate to a cause in countries across the oceans.

There are also websites to help you learn any foreign language you want, and websites to watch live feeds of any events or festivals from across the globe. Even Google offers the street view in Google Maps for people to enjoy or give them a sense of the real viewing experience and see different places around the earth. People say the internet is ruining and degrading our lives but it’s actually the people themselves who decide not to use the internet for a better reason. So, what will you be doing on the internet other than being on social media this winter.