19December 2019


“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what it is to say why we love Christmas Day.”

It’s the best time of the year, it’s time to make some warm memories with family, share gifts while listening to Christmas carols, and end the day by watching Home Alone. We all are waiting for December to enjoy the festive season and all the good things it brings.

Even though many of us are not very fond of the winter, the Holidays are worth all the snow and freezing temperature. Nothing is better than a white Christmas, where you enjoy the weather from inside your home while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa sitting beside the fireplace.

There are so many things about the holiday period that we love, so we are listing out seven things about the Christmas holidays we all love and why is it worth the wait and the winter:

1. Festive Decoration – The entire city is bathed with illuminations, Christmas lights and looks like a beautiful wonderland. Every house has put up a Christmas tree and is decorating it right after the December starts; like the festive season has now begun.

2. Time to exchange gifts – Christmas without gifts? We all love gifts and Christmas brings an opportunity to offer special and meaningful gifts to all your friends and family is one of the priceless joys of Christmas and not to forget all the gifts you will be receiving in return. Christmas is incomplete without gifts at least for us.

3. Family time at home – Christmas means holiday time; no work and no school. You are home and so is your whole family, and what better way to celebrate the Holidays than with family by enjoying the dinner together, play games and have fun. Christmas is special because you spend it with your loved ones doing things you love and enjoy.

4. Food – It's the holidays and you are home while it’s snowing outside, and you are making smores, your mom baked you some nice gingerbread and you had turkey for your dinner. Thank God!! Christmas is right before New Year, We can always save the weight control for New Year’s resolutions!!

5. Christmas Movies/Music – Every grocery store and department store is playing Christmas songs all December and we even tune to the Christmas radio every time we are driving. Similarly, no matter how many times we have watched them, we watch our favourite Christmas movies on the Christmas Eve night again every year. Few of our favourite Christmas movies that we recommend are Home Alone, Elf, Christmas Story or The Polar Express every year, what are yours?

6. Christmas Markets –The festive season begins with start of the December and so does the Christmas markets. Admit it, the best poutine you would ever had was in winter at your local Christmas market while you enjoy all the beautiful illuminations and live concert and performances. Christmas markets give us all an opportunity to go out and walk around and enjoy the seasonal food, the festive activities while you also buy a few gifts.

7. Christmas Parties – It’s no secret that we all love parties and Christmas brings the opportunity for a lot of them. One with college friends, one with school friends, one with family and one with your office friends, phew… that’s a lot of parties in one month. Also it’s the time of the year where you get to enjoy a nice dinner with your co workers and boss at your annual office party because why not, it’s Christmas.

We have lot more things we like about Christmas and they are countless, but long story short, that is exactly why we all love Christmas and wait for it. And now that it’s finally here; enjoy it whole heartedly with your friends and family.

CanNet wishes everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!