30March 2020

Quarantine Life: A few things you can do while staying home

Quarantine Life: A few things you can do while staying home

The Corona Virus pandemic is making us all stay at home for most of the day. With sports cancelled and no big blockbuster movies coming out, concerts cancelled, schools closed and almost everything shutdown, we might experience cabin fever and anxiety by being cooped up. We encourage people to take this opportunity to finally spend some time at home to do the things you normally would have no time for. We are isolating ourselves at our home to help prevent the spread and maintain social distancing. We definitely have Netflix but obviously we won’t be doing that all day every day, why not use this time to do something we always wanted to do indoors. We made a fun little list of things which you can try while staying indoors with your family, kids or even alone.

1. Learn/teach cooking

Do you know to cook? No? Then this is the time to learn. Internet is in your hands, search some simple yet delicious recipe and start cooking. Or if you already know how to cook this would be a good time experiment to use new recipes or new dishes you have never tried before. A lot of people find baking very therapeutic in these times. And, if you already know cooking teach your kids or family members or other people in your household.

2. Learn a new Language

With apps and online platforms such as Duolingo it is easier to learn a new language or simply find another person on classified sites who is interested in being pen pals to improve your language skills

3. How about Yoga

Don’t just sit down the whole day in front of your computers, phones, televisions etc. There are tonnes of yoga programs out there on YouTube and Google. They will help you improve with getting some light exercise, mobility or even increase your flexibility. Yoga is also proven to help with anxiety.

4. Call your parents/grandparents/ old friends

Social distancing is actually the wrong term to use; we should actually be using the term physical distancing. In these trying times we should be in touch with our family and friends. Make sure to keep up with them regularly over the phone, video call, chat, or social media. It is good to have social support and give social support in these anxieties ridden moments.

5. How about some extra body care

If you have some time for yourself take a bath or do some deep scrubbing. Take care of yourself in these times will be good for your mental health. Taking care of yourself also means taking care of others, the better your feel, the better you will be able to help or positively influence others.

6. Deep cleaning of your home

This will be a good time do some spring cleaning and take extra time to clean all the nooks and crannies you normally would skip with a simpler cleaning. You can also take the opportunity to clean out some stuff you’d always wanted to throw out and organize your home. Let your inner Marie Kondo run loose.

7. Help others if they are unable to get groceries or if they are in need of help. Ask your neighbour or elders in your community to see if they might need help with getting necessities from groceries or pharmacies in these times. Sometimes in isolation these people need all the help they can get. You can buy groceries for elderly and leave on their doorstep.

8. Spend this time playing board game with your family or maybe a quiz

If you live in a household with multiple people, this will be a good time to bring out the board games. These games can help you bond and keep you occupied for hours.

9. Start a blog or just start writing

It is a good time to start writing your thoughts away, this is also a good coping mechanism for the situation we are in. Also, it will give you a lot of time to reflect when things get better.

10. Start DIY projects

There are DIY projects for anyone out there on the internet. You can make things as elaborate as intricate devices to simple hand puppets. Find your niche or interest and try it out.