28January 2021

Productive and Fun things to do from the comfort of your own home on the internet!

Since we are all spending much more time due to COVID-19, there are so many things we can do at home which are just as much as interesting and fun as the things we did outside. Surely, it’s understandable that activities at home may not compare to real-life experiences but there are plenty of things we can do on the internet to stay active, entertained, and stay connected.

  • Working out: It is possible to focus on your physical fitness just by being at home. Most people can now subscribe to online workout classes in which you can follow the video instructor step by step to achieve your fitness goals or even download a workout e-book to help you. The results have been equally great when you compare it to riding a bike or running outside.

  • Eating & Cooking: We all miss eating outside and trying out different types of food. Especially, if you live in a city that has a vibrant restaurant scene, and now unfortunately the current pandemic has ruined that experience for you. All hope is not lost, most of your favorite local eateries are still open and you may support them financially by ordering takeout from them. If this option is too expensive for you, try taking an online cooking class to improve your culinary skills or even sign up for a meal prep service that sends you the ingredients and instructions to cook fabulous meals at home.

  • Learning New Skills: Learning does not stop after school! The requirement for professional skill sets is ever-changing in today’s work environment. Up skill yourself with loads of free content available online and increase your chances of getting your dream job. If learning work-related skills are too boring for you, then try to learn something fun like learning to paint, learn to play an instrument, or even learn a new language. Research suggests that learning helps improve brain functionality and keeps you mentally healthy.

  • Entertainment: I am sure a lot of us have missed out on so many great TV shows and movies over the past couple of years because we just did not have the time. We never managed to get to watch all those “Must Watch” recommendations from our close family and friends. Since we have more time on our hands; we might as well indulge ourselves in some interesting and entertaining cinema. Thanks to numerous online streaming platforms this has become easier.

  • Gaming: Due to technological innovations, gaming has become more interactive than ever before. Now you can grab your friends and immersive yourselves into the world of online video games that may challenge you as a group. Try building jaw-dropping worlds together in a game called Minecraft, or defeat enemies together in the game League of Legends, or just look for more top social games that get you and your group more involved.

  • Stay connected: Our prior busy schedules prevented us from really connecting or staying in touch with our close friends and family that do not currently live with us. A lot of us feel isolated and alone during these unprecedented times. Try arranging a Netflix party extension, which allows you to synchronize viewing with your friends and chat with each other at the same time. If you are tired of watching stuff then arrange a Zoom video call party and invite your friends, this can be a really fun way of staying connected with each other.

  • Podcasts: It is given that we all follow our favorite artists on our music streaming apps and listen to their hit songs on repeat. But this only one type of audio, how many of us have ever considered listening to a podcast? These are entertaining and fascinating spoken woken word audio files that you may listen to on most smart devices. The different topics that you can listen to are limitless. Most adults do not read that many books anymore; this can be an easier alternative if you feel like you are missing out on some information..

“An idle brain is the devil’s workshop”