25May 2023

The best free streaming services in Canada

We all enjoy streaming services, but the accumulated costs of subscribing to platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, Prime, Disney Plus, and Crave can be overwhelming. That's why we've put together a list of the most valuable free streaming services available in Canada.

1. Pluto TV: Pluto TV takes the lead when it comes to the best free TV streaming services in Canada. It's completely free, and you can start watching your favourite TV shows and movies without even creating an account. Although it is ad-based, with commercials, it offers over 250 channels and thousands of TV shows and movies. You can stream Pluto TV on iOS, Android TV, and Chromecast devices.

2. The Roku Channel: With over 4,000 shows, The Roku Channel offers a vast selection, although the on-demand content tends to be older, without the latest releases. The Roku Channel is free and provides high-quality shows and movies, but you'll need a Roku device (Roku stick or Roku TV) for streaming, which requires a simple setup. Keep in mind that Roku content is ad-supported, so expect some commercials.

3. Tubi: Tubi is another free streaming option that offers a variety of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It is ad-supported, and the content tends to be older. However, unlike Roku, you don't need to purchase any special devices to use Tubi. You can access Tubi on your phone, Xbox, Playstation, PC, Amazon Fire TV, or even through the Apple TV or Roku apps. The user interface is user-friendly.

4. CBC Gem: CBC Gem, provided by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), offers a free online platform for Canadians to enjoy CBC favourites, including documentaries, children's shows, and CBC originals. It is ad-supported, so commercials are part of the experience unless you choose to upgrade. CBC Gem provides full episodes of popular shows and access to CBC News.

5. CityNews Toronto: CityNews Toronto offers free 24/7 live streaming in Canada through its website. In addition, to live streaming, the website provides access to previously streamed news clips, written news stories, and CityNews 680 Live Radio. This platform is news-focused, so entertainment content is not available.

6. CPAC: For those interested in politics, CPAC is an online streaming service that offers live coverage of senate meetings, house meetings, keynote speeches, and legislative news. CPAC provides unbiased political news coverage without background commentary.

7. VICE TV: VICE TV offers a unique range of content, including docuseries, vlogs, news, and documentaries that tackle controversial topics worldwide. Full access to all content is available for cable subscribers, but free users have more limited access.

8. YouTube: YouTube is an essential platform for free streaming in Canada, offering a plethora of vlogs, TV shows, and occasionally free movies that can be watched online, on smart TVs, or on mobile devices. Advertisements are present unless you opt for the premium service. YouTube covers every imaginable topic.

9. Omni TV: Omni TV may not have an extensive selection compared to other free streaming options in Canada, but it provides access to international news, as well as short shows and documentaries focusing on Canadian and global culture.

10. Crunchyroll: Anime and manga enthusiasts should explore Crunchyroll. This free streaming platform specializes in anime content and boasts one of the world's largest collections of anime series. Crunchyroll registered members also have access to a library of manga graphic novels.

11. Vision TV: Vision TV is included with many Canadian cable companies, but you can still access some free content online without a cable subscription. While the shows and movies available on Vision TV tend to be older, it offers a mix of reality TV and documentaries.

We hope this list offers you some streaming services that interests you and helps you save money.