17December 2020

CanNet app launch

CanNet Telecom has launched their new mobile app which is now available for both iOS and Android users to download. The CanNet mobile app will serve as a convenient medium for the customers to not only use the CanNet services more efficiently but also help customers to handle their accounts and take action by themselves instead of calling for assistance.

CanNet’s mobile app will provide customers a new way to access to their account information, new promotions, easy bill payment, or change their account information. “It’s about adapting to the changing technology. The CanNet app will let our customers ease the process of bill payments or opening a ticket or even changing their address. It will also help us ease up the traffic over the phone, making the wait time for customers to speak with customer support shorter.

The following are the main features of the new CanNet’s mobile app, which include:

1. Billing and Payments – Customers can pay their bills easily; check their current balance, payment due date and even payment history. They can also change their payment method and billing address.

2. Technical Support – In case of any CanNet service issue, customers can open a ticket and submit the issue through the app and keep track of it.

3. Customer Support – If customers want to move or upgrade or add any other CanNet service, the mobile app has it all. The CanNet app will also allow customers to use the live chat with just a few clicks

4. Stay up to date – Customers can view their account details and change any information like shipping or billing address. Special CanNet offers will also be available to the customers from the app.

The new mobile app comes with a user-friendly interface, designed to navigate the app with ease. CanNet Telecom aims to grow to become one of the leading internet providers in Canada and provide better services at better prices.

To learn more, please download the mobile app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Download on the Apple App Store

Download from the Google Play Store