16Nov 2021
  • Home Internet Deals for Black Friday

Home Internet Deals for Black Friday

As you know the costs of home internet plans have gone up drastically during the later end of this year. No matter if you live in Montreal, Winnipeg, London, or Ottawa we have been using more and more bandwidth with more devices connected to our home internet Wi-Fi network.

The CRTC was also of no use to the Canadian consumer siding with the big telecom companies such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, Shaw and Cogeco to allow them to increase the wholesale rates of internet prices for third-party internet service providers. That means we can only expect internet and cell phone prices to go up even higher in the future, for the average household.

We know people want to spend money on things that matter to them, especially with the holidays coming up. Money for presents, good food, trips or events for family, friends and loved ones will make this another expensive holiday for people in Canada. Sign up with CanNet so you can save money to spend on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping spree. You might have been eyeing some appliances or electronic devices for a long time and you have probably been patiently waiting for a sale and saving up some money for it.

That’s why we aim to keep our prices low with our unlimited cable internet plans starting from $29.98 per month. We promise you won’t find a better ISP that offers services for the same prices or lower than us.

For people in Ontario, we have a 75M plan for $29.98 or if you need more speed, we have a 300M plan for $59.98 per month.

For the lovely people living in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or British Columbia we offer a 75M plan for $39.98 per month or if you want something faster for your gaming or streaming needs, we have a fast 300M internet plan for $69.98 per month.

Residents in Quebec have the option to sign up for our 60M plan for $44.95 or go for our most popular plan 120M for $59.98 per month.

As for the people living in a Cogeco service area we have not forgotten about you and offer an affordable internet plan for 60M for $39.98 per month or our faster plan 180M for $59.98 per month.

All our plans are unlimited and come with no contract. On the day of sign-up, we will process your order and mail the devices to you via Canada Post or any other courier before the installation date.

For the latest plans and prices, you can always check out our plan page at: https://www.cannettel.com/Plan/Cable

Or call one of our service representatives at 416-800-2323 or 1-800-208-7798

Who does not like to save money on their internet bills? Switch today!