05Dec 2018
  • Boost Your Internet

Boost Your Internet

A few tips to boost your home internet speeds

Everyone has issues once in a while with internet and there are plenty of ways we can self diagnose and solve the issues, so we have decided to write down a few tricks and fixes you can apply yourself to make internet experiences at home smoother, more robust and faster.

Do a speedtest over a wired connection with other applications turned on your computer to see what the maximum speed is you can receive, or simply check the plan you signed up for. For CanNet customers you can test your speeds by clicking on: http://speedtest.cannettel.com/

1. Use a wired Ethernet cable

For streaming or online gaming we would almost always recommend a wired Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi since that is the most stable connection you can have from your modem/router to your streaming or gaming device. You want to minimize the chance of data loss or ping when you are in the heat of an online battle.

2. Restart your modem

Restart your gateway/modem every now and then. Also go into your modem/router log-in page and delete some devices connected to your network that you don't use anymore. Often we just keep adding devices to our network and we make our home Wi-Fi or internet network so congested.

3. Scan your devices

Scan your device(s) for viruses. Sometimes your devices can be infected with malware, spyware or some viruses that slow down your whole device. It is recommended from time to time to clean up your devices from these nasty things that cause slowdowns.

4.Minimize interference from other electronic devices

Make sure to minimize external interference from other electronic devices in your home. Did you know the fridge, microwave, your cordless phone, wireless speakers and other Bluetooth devices can interfere with your Wi-Fi internet network. They can cause electromagnetic interference or even occupy the Wi-Fi frequency channels to create congestion or interference. You can help this by downloading an app on your phone and scan your home for Wi-Fi signal strength. Check which areas have the strongest Wi-Fi signals and play around with your devices set-up in your home and rooms to optimize your Wi-Fi range in your home.

5. Replace older devices

Replace old devices and cables. Test different devices with our internet plan and also make sure your device support the speeds that come with your plan. Often we see people with older computer with network cards that can only reach maximum Wi-Fi speeds of 54Mbps and then they complain that they never receive the speeds of their 150Mbps cable plan. Sometimes the issue can be old cables that are not able to transfer the speeds properly. If that is the issue replace the old cables with new ones.

6.Update your firmware and software

Update firmware and software regularly. By keeping your devices updated with the right firmware will ensure that not only that they work properly but they will be adjusted to match your home network as well. Updating firmware will also often help with your device security settings and makes sure you are protected from bad malware or viruses.

7. Use your ISP or router's best setting

Find your router/ISP best settings. First of all if you use your own router make sure it supports the speeds of your internet plan and has enough Wi-Fi range for your home. If you live in a multi-tiered home with 4 different levels you should look into a mesh Wi-Fi set-up or setup multiple routers/Wi-Fi points since it is hard to cover every area of your home with just one router. Also, be aware that most routers have 2 frequencies. 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The 2.4Ghz channel has a bigger range but limited maximum speeds, while the 5Ghz often can reach over gigabit speeds but the range might be much smaller. When you login to your modem/router you will see a bunch of settings related to channels. Sometimes these settings are not on the best option by default and you’ll need to update them based on the types of devices you use. Check out your router and ISP’s website for the best settings.

I hope these simple tricks have been helpful for anybody who wants to improve their home internet network speeds. If you are a CanNet customer and still are not able to figure out the best way to set-up your internet home network just give us a call at: 1-800-208-7798 or email us with any questions at support@cannettel.com