04 Jul 2016
  • Choose Unlimited Speed Internet Package That’s Right for You

Choose Unlimited Speed Internet Package That’s Right for You

CANNET provides high speed unlimited Internet plans that is perfect for your daily need. If you are a casual user and like to surf the internet hours a day, than we have a best plans for you at affordable prices. It’s totally depends upon you that which plan you choose.

Our all the plans are featured with the unlimited bandwidth, which allows you upload and download the data accordingly. No need to worry about monitoring the internet usage repeatedly.

You will stay connected throughout your home, which will allow you to connect to the device at once with best internet experience.

We provide a Cable Internet Packages & FTTN Internet Packages with the higher speed up to 100Mbps. below are some recommended plans for you to choose according to your area:

Cable Unlimited Plans – These are the most economical unlimited internet plans.

1. Ontario-R Single 100M/10M Cable Internet

2. Ontario-R Single 30M/5M Cable Internet

3. Ontario-R Single 15M/1M Cable Internet

4. Ontario_C_Single_60/10M Internet

5. Ontario_ C_ Single 40M/10M Internet

6. Ontario_ C_ Single 15M/2M Internet

FTTN Internet Plans

FTTN ON_50 Single 50M/10M Internet

FTTN ON_25 Single 25M/10M Internet

FTTN ON_15 Single 15M/10M Internet

FTTN QC_50 Single 50M/10M Internet

FTTN QC_25 Single 25M/10M Internet

FTTN QC_15 Single 15M/10M Internet

Our fastest unlimited internet service will help you to get rid off from the slow speed internet for your home. Stay connected with us to choose the right internet plans, we provide the broader range of internet plans and deliver the best coverage throughout your home.