02 Mar 2018
  • Measuring your internet speed

Measuring your internet speed

Since people often wonder what their actual internet speeds are, we have prepared an easy guide for you to follow to correctly measure your internet speed in the most accurate way possible.

All the requirements you need is computer/laptop with a web browser.

1. Connect your computer using a wired Ethernet cable directly into your modem.

The reason that we do not we do not recommend to test speeds over Wi-Fi is that over a wireless signal there is always loss of signal quality and signal interference from either other electronic devices or simply the building structure you are in.

2. After connecting your computer using a wired Ethernet cable, you need to reboot the modem.

3. Disable your Wi-Fi and router so that other devices are not using internet in the background while you are testing your speed.

4. Another point people sometimes forget is to shut down all applications that are using internet in the background of your computer. You don't want windows updates to be downloading gigabytes of data since this screws up your speed test. Make sure all applications on the computer that uses the internet are shut down.

5. For the actual speed test we recommend users to test speeds from http://speedtest.cannettel.com , fast.com and speedtest.net (while selecting a Toronto server)

Our result 95M/95M from speedtest.net, we selected a Toronto Server for optimal accuracy.

Don't be alarmed or surprised if you are not getting maximum speeds available. As you can see from our result above on our 100M/100M plan, we tested 95M/95M and that is more than acceptable. Almost no one get their top speeds all the time.

We recommend to test your speed several times in a row to give you a better indication of the speed. One time testing is just a moment of speed testing recorded. The more testing samples you gather the easier it is to figure out your actual speed. furthermore, the time of day when you test the speed can make huge differences. Cable internet tend to slow down during peak hours (6pm -11pm). Imagine it like the rush hour on the highways. More traffic and more congestion means slower speeds in general.

If the speed/connection keep turning out significantly slower than the plan you signed up for than many factors could be causing your slowdown.

Sometimes there might be a problem with your equipment. First, you can start performing the speed test on a different computer if you have one lying around. Or try using a different ethernet cable to connect to your computer. If the speeds are better after swapping the computer or the ethernet cable, then you know it is not the problem of your ISP that is causing the slowdown.

If you have done all of the above and keep getting significant slow speeds on your tests, you can send us a screenshot of your speed test results at: info@cannettel.com This will cause the issue to escalate to senior management who will get back to you to troubleshoot the issues you have.

One more thing to keep in mind is that we at CanNet are resellers or third party ISPs which means we resell internet from Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw etc. If there is for example an outage at Rogers then there is nothing we can do until this issue is fixed at Rogers side.

For all other issues you can always contact our 24/7 support line at: 1-800-208-7798

For more information and plans please visit our website: https://www.cannettel.com