17 Jan 2018
  • Internet usage rises due to cold weather

Internet usage rises due to cold weather

As you all might have noticed this year in Canada we have a very cold winter, thus we collectively stay indoors more. We can see from our own internet service subscribers that they are using more bandwidth because we tend to use more internet because it is too cold to go outside. Here is a brief breakdown on what you can do for entertainment using the internet indoors during this harsh and cold Canadian winter.

Stream TV shows or movies

Grab some hot cocoa and make yourself comfortable under a nice warm blanket; binge watch through your backlog of TV shows you planned to watch or catch up on some movies on Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu etc. You can do this alone, or with family/friends, and your partner.

Play online videogames

Online videogames are fun and they offer an endless amount of entertainment. Whether you are a console gamer or pc or mobile gamer. The games and variations are endless if you play online. It is also a nice way to spend time with your buddies online if you cannot get together because of the bad weather.

Edit and upload your own videos/photos

If you are like me, you have probably tonnes of footage shot from holidays, trips or just events that you wanted to edit and put online. Now would be the best time to get to edit some of those holiday videos so you can upload them online. Uploading them to the cloud also saves space on your hard drives and makes sharing them with friends and family easier.

Do some online shopping

When you cannot go out to do some shopping you can use the internet to look for some great deals or just browse for clothing or products you want to buy. What's better than leisurely looking at products without annoying sales people and other customers to bother you. No queues and not looking for parking can make this a much more pleasant experience than heading out to a shopping mall.

Learn something new online

Learn a new computer language, or spoken language or a new skill with the various online interactive websites, apps that offer to teach you new skills/tricks which can enrich your skills/knowledge. With a plethora of videos offering different courses, learning material on the internet, there is a world rich knowledge to be added for your self-improvement.

Stay in touch with family and friends

You can call, video call, chat, text or whatever you can think of to stay in touch with family or friends on the internet. Catch up with your grandparents or with that high school friend you haven't spoken to in forever. Or plan that dinner you have been holding off for so long with friends you haven't seen in forever.

The internet has made the cold winter months less boring for a lot of people. There are lots of other activities you can do while using the internet. Just make sure you get up and take a break once in a while from your devices. For more information or articles visit https://www.cannettel.com/blog