27 Dec 2017
  • Boxing week promotion 50M FTTN Unlimited High-Speed Internet at the lowest Price! (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

Boxing week promotion 50M FTTN Unlimited High-Speed Internet at the lowest Price! (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

CanNet Telecom is a leading internet service provider because we are able to supply elite internet service through our vendors at the best prices on the market. For Boxing week we have the hottest promotion for our customers in Ontario 50M FTTN Unlimited Internet Package. Please keep in mind that this promotion is strictly for anyone living within a Bell serviceable region.

The promotion is currently being offered at the very generous price of $29.98/month; this promotional price is also guaranteed for the first 2 years of service. Throughout this article we will cover the features of the promotion as well as all of the basic details. Sign up now before the offer ends on the last day of 2017.

Sign up for Installation

There is no upfront fee when you sign up:

  • Installation by a Bell technician
  • Shipping of your modem via Canada Post
  • No activation fees*

Credit Check

  • For our new promotions there is a credit check required*; depending on the result of your score, a security deposit of $100 and or a hardware deposit of $100 will be required; this amount will be released should the customer maintain a good payment record.


  • We use Canada Post as our primary vendor for all our shipping needs.
  • Once your order is confirmed our shipping department will prepare your equipment.
  • Once sent it will take approximately 24-48 hours for arrival; depending on where you are situated in Canada.
  • The modem will arrive before installation; do not be alarmed.
  • When the item is shipped you will be mailed a tracking #.

Promotional Features

  • Download speed: up to 50Mbps; Upload speed 10Mbps
  • Completely unlimited usage; no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions
  • Promotional price of $29.98/m is guaranteed for 2 years of service
  • There is no contract
  • No upfront fees
  • ONLY for customers living within a Bell serviceable region; check with agent for eligibility:

Modem Options:

You have the option of going with our wireless modem, which is more practical because the built in Wi-Fi features will save you hassle of purchasing a third party router.

  • DUAL AC Wi-Fi modem rental $9.98/m
    • Dual Channel Wi-Fi modem rental with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channel
  • Purchase the DUAL AC Wi-Fi modem $199
    • You can purchase the modem from us for $199 dollars and you won't have any monthly costs for rental.
    • 300M Wi-Fi Modem Rental $4.98/m or purchase for $129
  • BYOD
    • You can use your own modem configuration but it comes with a fee of $69.95; only below modems are supported
    • Technicolor TG588V
    • TP-LINK W9970 vdsl

Surf with Freedom!

We offer completely unlimited services with no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions whatsoever. For all new sign ups we also offer a full 10 day money back guarantee to any customer who is dissatisfied, which our customers the luxury of trying our services completely risk free. Our modems also include a lifetime warranty, as long as they are not physically damaged.

We have been a registered member of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunication Commission) since our inception and have always followed their rules and guidelines regarding ITMP (Internet Traffic Management Practices).

Start Saving Today!

If you are interested in signing up for the aforementioned promotion, there are three avenues you may choose at your convenience:

  1. Call a live CanNet representative: +1-(416)-800-2323
  2. Call a sponsored CanNet Agent (Modem Outlet): 1-(800)-880-1234
  3. Sign up online using the provided promotional links:

*$1 Verification charge at the time of placing the order & the same amount will be adjusted with 1st invoice. If cancelled before the installation, it will not be refunded.