14 Nov 2017
  • Black Friday West Coast Offer on 25M Cable Internet (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

Black Friday West Coast Offer on 25M Cable Internet (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

CanNet Telecom delivers Internet Services in Canada and our Internet network is comprised of innovative, high performance equipment and structure. Apart from this, CanNet offers a much simpler approach to broadband networking. Likewise, our solution is a very simple and easy to use product.

CanNet Telecom Inc. is focused wholly to provide our Canadian household users the best unlimited 25M Cable Internet services. Some advantages of our high speeds, affordable broadband Internet plans are that you will be connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without going through the hassle of disconnections and logins.

Besides, we provide various speed based plans to suit the needs of household users. We periodically revise our cable internet plans for the benefit of our customers.

Plan Details are below:

  • 25M Cable, $29.98/m (2-year $29.98/m; after $39.98)

Modem Options:

  • Plan comes equipped with a free Wi-Fi Modem rental
  • Activation fee; which includes shipping fee $29.95 (Originally $99.95)
  • 2 year price guarantee
  • Unlimited usage
  • No contract
  • Only available for customers on Canada’s West Coast
  • Extended warranty – 10 days full refund

Our Broadband plans are among the best as well as competitive to any internet service provider in Canada.

So, contact us now at 1-800-208-7798 or Order online https://www.cannettel.com/promotion/bs25m