01 Nov 2017
  • Daylight saving time ending this weekend in Canada (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

Daylight saving time ending this weekend in Canada (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

Don't forget this weekend on the night of Sunday November 5th at 2am to turn your clock one hour back. Luckily in the age of the internet almost all of our devices are set automatically to do that. For those people who still enjoy analog clocks or watches make sure you catch that extra needed one hour of sleep.

This point also marks the beginning of the winter season, in which our mornings will be a bit brighter earlier on but darkness also falls earlier. Interesting fact is that not all parts of Canada follow the time change because certain municipalities choose not to be part of it.

Some of the locations with no time change are:

  • Peace River Regional District, B.C.
  • Fort Nelson, B.C.
  • Creston, B.C.
  • Pickle Lake, ON
  • New Osnaburgh, ON
  • Atikokan, ON
  • Quebec’s north shore

Luckily most people in Canada are having one extra hour of sleep and some might even feel disturbed by the time change. Day light saving time is ending and to make the transition easier, we at CanNet help you save on your monthly bill with our special Ontario unlimited CanNet internet deal with the following features:

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