16 Mar 2017
  • FREE Switch to 100M Unlimited Internet (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

FREE Switch to 100M Unlimited Internet (PROMOTION HAS ENDED)

On March 14, 2017, CanNet is proud to announce we have made an agreement with our partner to expand our 100M Cable offer in Ontario to ALL Rogers cable networked areas. To prepare for this expansion, we also just added 5 x 10GE fibers to meet the expectant customer demands of high speed.

In celebration of this huge expansion, we are offering two special deals, effective March 15, 2017 to April 28, 2017; for NEW customers who sign up to unlimited 100M cable internet in Ontario Rogers areas only:

1. FREE switch offer:

To ANY Customer signing up for CanNet 100M unlimited cable internet; the customer will be charged 29.95$ activation, which will be credited back on the first invoice. This is only applied for the modem rental option. If you are purchasing a 24 x 8 wired modem at 99$, the activation fee will be waived upon first invoice.

2. FREE switch offer with wired modem FREE rental for 2 years:

To ALL customers who are currently using unlimited FTTN 25M at 34.99$/M or FTTN 50M at 39.99$ or cable 30M at 34.99$ or 100M at 39.99$. CanNet will offer these customers 100M unlimited internet at 39.98$ for 2 years with a FREE wired cable modem rental. The 29.95$ activation fee will be charged when ordering and will be credited back on the first invoice upon service activation. Qualified customers must be signed up through an authorized agent or online at www.cannettel.com. A Current customer invoice must be provided by email to care@cannettel.com, with the order number, to validate the offer.

10 Days FULL refund policy

We also want to officially state to all new CanNet customers our 10 days full refund guarantee. If you are not happy for whatever reason; if cancel within 10 days, we will give you a full refund within 5 business days once the equipment is returned.

No Throttling Guaranteed

As a licensed Internet Service Provider, registered with the CRTC, we are following the CRTC ruling for ITMP. Currently we are not implementing any ITMP in our network for any applications at any time. For any customers in Great Toronto Area, if you feel your internet is throttled during peak hour, you can report issue direct to our escalation team at info@cannettel.com, we will send a CanNet Technician to bring a laptop to verify. If slow speed or any application is throttling is proved to be caused by Can-net, we will give a 100$ bonus as special award.

We also provide 7x24 live Care support by phone, online chat and email.