29March 2022

All you need to know about the Hitron Modem

Whenever you move into a new property and set up your new internet service, you need to set up a device called a Modem. If you have high-speed broadband internet, this is the thing that will assist you to connect the internet service from your internet provider to your home.

What is a cable modem?

In short, a modem is a hardware device that connects your devices to your ISP (internet service provider). Just imagine your cable modem as a digital translator. It receives the data from your ISP at one hand and translates it into something that your modem can understand on the other. So, your modem can further distribute the signal to your internet devices.

Different Types of Modems:

There are a few different types of modems available right now: cable modems, digital subscriber line (DSL) modems, and dial-up modems.

Why cable internet is the best option for Canadians

Cable Modem: by using coaxial cables that connect the outlet in your wall and back of the modem box, the cable modem can deliver high-speed internet from your ISP to your devices. One of the most popular cable modem brands is Hitron.

DSL and dial-up: both of these types of modems use telephone landlines while connecting to the internet. DSL has low internet speeds with a download speed of 5-35 Mbps. And the download speed for dial-up? you probably don’t want to know since that is a relic of the past.

About Hitron

Hitron is one of the famous network hardware producers in Taiwan. The company manufactures and develops wide-range broadband access products. You may notice that most ISPs like Rogers use Hitron’s high-speed cable modems as well.


DOCSIS (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification): This is a standard that allows data transfer over cable lines by using the existing coaxial cable TV system.

DOCSIS 3.1 is just the latest standard, and it is faster than DOCSIS 3.0 because of the advanced process techniques. The advanced technology can increase the frequency spectrum and the available spectrum for delivering downstream and upstream data by providing a faster speed.

Other benefits in DOCSIS 3.1 includes:

  • The latest version has better security
  • It is better for online gaming and video streaming because it reduces the latency
  • Power usage efficiency


Maybe you have heard of the terms “OFDM” and “OFDMA” when people discuss cable modems. In short, OFDM stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, while OFDMA stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Access. The OFDMA is the extension of OFDM.

It is worth mentioning that more and more modems are starting to support OFDMA, which provides more efficiency and lower latency rates when it comes to WI-FI 6. Here are some features of OFDMA:

  • Increase the transmission speed and lower latency
  • Allow more devices connected to the router
  • Power usage efficiency

There are always some good options to increase your internet speed. CanNet provides high-speed internet services, for $29.98 you can get a 100Mbps high-speed internet package.