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Customer Service

  • Does Can-Net charge taxes in addition to my monthly fee?

    All invoices are charged with Provincial and Federal tax.

  • What is my billing cycle for my invoice?

    Can-Nets billing cycle is based when activation was done; your invoices will be generated on the second date of the activation and will be emailed on your register Email id.

    For e.g.: if your service is activated on May 6, your first invoice will be deducted on same day through your authorized payment method and it will bill your service charge from May 6 till June 5th.

  • Can I change my billing date?

    No, you can’t change your billing date as the billing date is fixed which correlates with your installation date.

  • How do I receive my monthly invoice?

    Every month, a notice of the invoice amount will be emailed to you. Log in into My Can-Net account to check invoice details.

  • How do I check my monthly invoice online?

    You can login at My Can-Net account to view all your invoices for the past 18 months.

  • Why does Can-Net have upfront charges before my service is activated?

    To process your order, you must make a payment which can include some or all of the following:

    Processing Fee (Including an Activation fee and/or a Shipping fee and/or a Handling fee)

    Equipment Purchase

    Security Deposit

  • How long will it take to reconnect my services after overdue invoice is paid?

    If your service was suspended due to an unpaid invoice(s), the service would be restored immediately after we charge your credit card. If an internet disconnection request has been sent to our provider, there is a $65 reactivation fee and it takes five to seven (5-7) business days to reactivate the service

  • If my payment is declined, what will happen?

    If your payment is declined, we will contact you by email and Phone. If you do not respond within Five (5) days and if there is no service deposit on your account, your service will be disconnected. If you are aware and you cannot make your payment on time, it is very important to notify our Customer Service Department ahead of time.

  • Will Can-Net send any confirmation email or receipt when I make a payment by credit card?

    A confirmation email will be sent to you once you make a credit card payment for an order payment or an online monthly invoice. However for a pre-authorized monthly invoice payment by credit card, no confirmation email will be sent.

  • How Does Can-Net Refund me?

    Can-Net will refund you through your payment method (Visa/Master Card/Visa Debit).

  • How long does Can-Net take to complete a refund?

    It can take up to 5 business days; only once all equipment is returned.

  • How do I move to another address? How much does it cost? How much notice should I give?

    Can-Net offers service throughout Canada. If you are moving to another city, contact our Customer Service $60 moving fee will be charged once you agree to have service activated at the new location.

    Also, we would need the following information when you are requesting to connect at your new location:

    Your New Address

    Three (3) different appointment times (The activation day and time of day)

    Your contact cell phone number

    Date to disconnect the service at the old address – By default, whenever a new address service activated, the old service will be disconnected to avoid two charges (One for the old service and one for the new service). However, if you wish to keep both services, please let us know and your invoice will include charges for service at both locations

  • How do I upgrade my speed? What is the cost?

    If you want to upgrade or downgrade the speed, below mention charges will apply.

    Cable to Cable or FTTN to FTTN $25

    Cable to FTTN or FTTN to Cable $65

    In some cases, you might need to purchase new equipment, as it is a requirement for the new speed.

  • How do I convert my services from Cable to FTTN or FTTN to Cable?

    To convert your service from Cable to FTTN or Vice versa, a $60 moving fee will be charged once you agree to have service activated and you might need to purchase a FTTN modem Also, we would need the following:

    Three (3) different appointment times (The activation day and time of day)

    Contact cell phone number

    If due to FTTN or Cable order rejected or technical issue, we will waive the conversion fee as long as the first activation fee was paid.

  • Can I suspend my service?

    Yes. You can request to suspend your service for max 6 months However due to the high cost of installing cable or FTTN/DSL internet service; there is a $69.95 reactivation fee. Unless you plan to be away for more than two (2) months, it is not recommended to suspend the service.

  • Do I have to return my hardware upon 10 day cancellation full refund policy?

    These are the parameters of whether you have to return you device or not.

    Lease to Own:- Customer is required to enter TWO (2) years term, during the term a monthly charge will be applied and after 2 years, the ownership is transferred to the customer automatic. If Customer cancels the service after the termed term is expired, the leased equipment is not required to be returned.

    Rental: Till the timing you are using the CANNET services have to pay the device rental and once service will be cancel then (Can-net will provide a return label by email to return the devices back to us) and if device will not return back to us after 14 days then original charges will be applied for the same.

    Purchase: Customer can purchase the hardware in order to use CANNET service but without monthly equipment rental or lease charge. However CANNET cannot guarantee the equipment customer purchased can be used with other service providers.

  • Does CanNet offer truly unlimited internet usage?

    Yes, CanNet is providing truly unlimited usage for residential purposes exclusively. If you are using our services for personal purposes, you can push over 1000G no problem. However, you cannot set up a web server at home or push traffic to attack third parties etc.

  • Does CanNet throttle any application in peak hours?

    No, CanNet DOES NOT implement any Internet Traffic Management Policy (ITMP) to our network at any time of day. Although ITMP is allowed by CRTC with certain conditions, CanNet is happy to announce we are not implanting any ITMP at this time and we are fully complying with CRTC transparency requirement for ITMP.

  • Can CanNet guarantee the maximum speed in peak hour?

    No, there are several factors that can affect a customer’s speed testing. It is very normal for customers to experience slightly slower speeds during peak hours (night time 6pm to 12:00am). Also If the customer is running a speed test, you will gain the best results by using an Ethernet cable rather than a third party Wi-Fi router which can cause external interference. Other factors to take into consideration are the amount of devices and individuals using the internet at a specific time. CanNet’s goal is to ensure each customer can obtain high speed internet at anytime. However, we may not avoid slight congestion in some special circumstances such as bad weather, network outage, special event or festival etc.

  • Can CanNet guarantee 1080P video when viewing YouTube?

    Some of services such as Youtube they are detecting customer network status at home and they automatic adjust the client resolution to a best performance. Can-net has no way to guarantee it can be 1080P or 4K.

  • Does CanNet slow down P2P software or BT in any network?

    No, we DO NOT restrict or slow your P2P software such as BT in any of our network any time.


  • Why choose Can-Net?

    Unlimited download and upload usage – Can-net is providing truly unlimited download and upload usage under our residential fair usage policy.

    Fastest speed v/s lowest price – We are providing higher speed at the lowest price in the market. Our most popular speed is 100M/10M or 60M/10M.

    High availability – Can-net Internet service is very stable and simple as our network is based on Cable and fiber network.

    10 days Full refund warranty –Can-net is the only Internet Service Provider who provides 10 days full refund warranty for our internet services.

    Hardware life time warranty – All Can-Net hardware sold has a life time warranty, i.e. as long as long as you are a Can-Net customer, your hardware will be replaced free of charge if broken from normal usage.

    CANNET Great support – Our Can-Net customer support staff are friendly and knowledgeable on a majority of issues. Questions are solved or answered by our online live support team. All of other requests via our online ticket system which is processed within 24 hours.

  • What is Can-Net’s 10 day’s standard warranty?

    Can-Net provides a standard 10 days warranty policy for all monthly subscription customers.

    For whatever reason, service can cancelled within 10 days from the service activation date, we will do a full refund after the equipment is returned with original package in 7 days. The purchased hardware will be fully refunded (If returned within 10 days from the cancellation request in the original package). Any one-time charge such as a processing fee, activation fee, installation fee, upgrading fee, shipping fee will also refunded. Fixed monthly service fee will be waived.

    This policy only applies to new customers only who install Can-Net service for the first time. It doesn't apply to a service reactivation in the same address or a DSL/Cable Conversion or customer moving to a new address.

  • What is Can-Net’s standard hardware warranty?

    For all of the CPE devices which we require for using all Can-Net services, whether it is purchased, leased or rented, Can-Net provide a life time warranty, i.e. as long as customer keeps using Can-Net services. Any defective equipment will be replaced free of charge (Broken hardware due to physical damage are not included in this warranty).

  • How do I get the hardware?

    Can-Net provides three options for you to get your hardware:

    Purchase- Buy the equipment at the selling price and there is no need to pay monthly rental fee.

    Rent – Device will be used on a rental basis for the duration you’re with Can-Net

    Lease to own- Customer is required to enter 2 years contract, during the contract a monthly charge will be applied and after 2 years. If customer cancels the service after the contract term is expired, the lease equipment is not required to be returned.

    ** For lease to own or purchased, Can-Net has no obligation to guarantee the equipment is working with any other ISPs.

  • How do I pay for my order?

    To process your order, we must receive your first time order payment in advance. You can make your first time order payment through the following ways:

    Provide credit card (VISA OR MASTER) and Debit card (Visa) and authorize us to charge the payment. (Can-Net does not accept other method for the order payment, if you wish to change to other payment methods).

  • How do I pay my monthly invoice?

    We will send out an email notice for your current invoice on the next date of activation for e.g.: if your service is activated on May 6, your first invoice will be deducted on same payment schedule through your authorized payment method from May 6 till June 5th.

    Customers can also check your detailed invoice online from my Can-Net portal. To make payment for your monthly invoice, you might select the following options:

    Provide credit card and authorize us to charge automatic

    Make payment online by credit card from my Can-Net

    Make payment by credit card over the phone by calling our customer service and selecting billing and payment.

    Make payment by credit card over the phone by calling our customer service and selecting billing and payment.

    Due to all of our service profits being very low, we appreciate you making payment on-time to avoid service interruption. For Cable internet service, once service disconnected, restoring service would cost a reactivation fee of $65 with 7 business days and for DSL and 5 business days for Cable.

  • How do I track my shipment?

    All Can-Net shipment is provided tracking number which you can check from for the status.

  • Do I receive a monthly invoice?

    Yes, we will send you notice of invoice amount by email and you can login into My Can-Net account to check invoice details.

  • Can I receive a paper bill for my invoice?

    Current we are only sending invoice and statement notices to all customers at the beginning of every month by email and you can always check detailed current and previous invoices online from

  • When will Can-Net charge my first bill after service activation?

    Our Invoices are generated on the next date of activation so your first bill will be billed from the activation date for e.g.: if your service is activated on May 6, your first invoice will be deducted on same through authorized payment method and it will bill your service charge from May 6 till June 5th.

  • Will I be notified by Can-Net once my contract ends?

    Some of Can-Nets plans might have one year contracts, which appear in the printed order when you sign up, therefore we will not notice you separately. After 1 year, billing will be deducted on a month to month basis without contract.

  • Do I need to return my hardware after I cancel my Can-Net services?

    Can-Net provides three hardware options for customer to get Can-Net CPE: 1) Purchase or 2) Rental 3) Lease

    If your service cancellation request is made within 10 days from activation, you MUST return the hardware with original package within 7 days of the cancellation request for refund. (Can-net will provide a return label by email to return the devices) Restocking fee will be applied if customer returns equipment without original package or missing parts. For rental/free rental option, hardware purchase fee will be applied if hardware is not return as requested.

    If your cancellation is made after the period of Can-Net 10 days standard service warranty:

    1) For the purchased hardware, hardware return is not required and there are no refunds made or necessary.

    2) For Lease OR rental option, you must return hardware with all accessories within 7 days of the cancellation to avoid additional charges; or hardware purchase fee will be applied, if hardware is not return as requested. We will refund only $100 deposit fee, if you wish to keep the hardware, you can notice us and original or discount price may be available. To find out if your hardware is purchased, Leased/ rented, you can look at the plan details we shipped with the package prior to activation, or contact our 7 x 24 customer service.

  • What Should I do if haven’t received my device?

    The package, with the required device(s), is shipped after the activation day is confirmed.

    After the package is shipped, a tracking number will be provided to you and can check the shipping status of the package at If the status shows delivered, but you did not receive the package, you should check if the package was delivered to your community mailbox. If you could not find the package, please contact our Customer Service Department through Email, Live chat and phone support to resend a new package and we will check with Canada Post about the original package.

  • What Should I do if my service is not activated on time?

    If your service is not working on the activation date, we recommend you wait till midnight (12:00am) of the activation date, as there might be some additional technical work; such as some required wiring and/or provisioning at a remote CO (Central Office). If the service is still not working after midnight (12:00am), please contact our Customer Service Department to inform them of the situation.

  • How Can I reach the Can-Net Telecom Customer Service Department?

    There are several different ways:

    By Online Chat

    By Email

    By Phone – for sales, customer service and technical support and offer assistance

    Can I request a credit if have a problem with my service?

    If, as a result of a Can-Net network issue, your Can-Net service was not working for 48 hours or more, a credit for the downtime will be automatically credited to your account. Credit will not be issued if the problem is caused by a customer-side reason such as an issue with a computer, a router or on-site wiring situation. The credit amount will be given after the issue is fixed. For internet slow speed or unstable issues, usually a credit will not be given as it is hard to estimate the downtime

  • Do Can-Net modems come wireless?

    No. all of our Cable modems are using wired Cable so that we can provide a higher quality service due to many issues caused by Wi-Fi.

    1) Can-net has committed of providing high quality internet service to our customers, so we used the most stable wired modem to deliver highest speed to customer site;

    2) Wi-Fi technology is keeping evolving quickly from 802.11b/n/g to today 802.11AC to future AD. The Wireless router has becoming to one of the key components in customer home networking. So more and more customers selects what type of routers to own to fit their need and budget at the time they want.


  • How do I check the download and upload speed of my internet?

    The following steps explain how to test download and upload speeds for Can-Net customers:

    Go to

    Click Begin Test.

    The test results will be displayed when the test is complete.

  • How do I look up, or monitor my current internet usage?

    Refer to the below mentioned points to check the internet usage:

    1- Login to my account using user id & password provided.

    2- Go to internet usage option on left side on page.

    3- Select the dates for which do you want see usage and click on search.

    4- You will see your daily internet usages.

  • How do I set up my modem?

    These steps will help you set up your modem:

    1- Cable modem

    Plug your modem coax cable to a coax wall socket or the coax cable provided by tech (the connector looks like a circle with a dot in it).

    Plug your modem into a power source using the power adaptor provided.

    Your modem online light (usually the @ symbol located on the front) will blink for a few minutes as it connects online. Once the light stays normal (usually Green or Blue), you are ready to use the internet.

    2- FTTN Modem

    Plug a regular telephone cable from the wall jack to your modem (in DSL port).

    Plug your modem into a power source using the power adaptor provided

    The DSL light on modem will blink for few minutes. Once it stays solid (Green) you are ready to use internet.

    (If you are using your own modem then you need to configure Can-Net PPPOE user name & password in it)

    Can I avail the high speed internet in my area from CANNET?

    Presently CANNET provides high speed internet in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. You can avail the services in these areas in generally but we may not provide service to some specific addresses in those areas due to different reasons.

  • Does Can-Net guarantee internet speed?

    Internet speed depends on various factors, i.e. complexity of customer sites, line condition, distance to the CO, network congestion and time of day etc, the maximum internet download and upload speed is based on best effort, we always try our best to provide the maximum speed under your plan profile but there is no guarantee of maximum speed.

  • Can I get an email address with Can-Net?

    No. We do not provide any email address to customers.

  • Does Can-Net restrict any web site or service?

    No. Can-Net does not block any outgoing ports, web sites or services. For outside access to our network, we may block certain ports from time to time due to network security.

  • Can I use my own modem with Can-Net internet?

    We do not allow customers to use their own equipment with our network in order to provide better service and support.

  • How do I clear cache in Google Chrome?

    1- Click the menu icon in the right side of address bar and select settings.

    2- In setting tab, scroll down & click on show advance settings.

    3- Scroll down and in Privacy section, click on Clear browsing data.

    4- Select the option you want to clear & click on Clear browsing data.

  • How can I optimize my internet usage?

    Few point mentioned below by which you can optimize the internet usage

    If there is any file sharing application installed on computer. These programs consume heavy internet usage automatically.

    Don’t choose automatically download option in any application.

    Allow the access of your computer to your trusted people only.

    Operating system should be updated regularly.

    Install a good antivirus softer on your devices.

    Always do a full system analysis of you devices with antivirus regularly, as some malware consumes huge internet data.