• Clarification of all misconceptions and false rumours about CanNet

Clarification of all misconceptions and false rumours about CanNet

In the past 2 years, too many false rumours have been spread about us over the internet, especially on RedflagDeal forums to scare away any potential customers. We believe there might be some competitors out there, who cannot compete with us at a price and service point, that started all these false rumours. We refuse to stoop to their level and we do not adhere to practices such as bullying, shilling or buying reviews from customers. We just want to address all these rumours by an official announcement from our management. See all the rumours below, which we want to clarify:

1. CanNet is throttling (slowing down) my internet at night

Please refer to our FAQ. CanNet does not slow down any customer's application any time of the day. We do not implement any form of internet traffic management practices. This is one of the biggest rumours that we believe originated from talk on online forums from competitors around 2 years ago.

Our CEO announced in January of 2017, if any customer could provide proof that CanNet is throttling internet, they would receive a $100 bonus. It has been over 1 year already and so far we have not seen any proof. Furthermore, we detected that one of our competitor’s employees signed up with one of our internet plans and showed pictures of slow speeds on speed tests when they had applications running in the background while downloading heavily.

2. CanNet's internet quality is very bad and unstable

CanNet's has a vast network over 6 provinces in Canada which we consider to be pretty big and stable. over 200,000 customers are using our provider's network.

3. CanNet customer service is very bad and you will be forever on hold

CanNet is providing 7 days a week live support over the phone and through our online channels. However, sometimes due to a very high volume of calls, you may have a slightly longer waiting time before on our customer service representatives will be able to speak to you . To provide faster services any time of the day, we plan to launch an additional 24/7 online support system starting from May 1st, 2018

4. Customer technical support is useless

CanNet tech support employees are well trained and dedicated in solving customer issues. We have different levels of customer support starting at level 1, 2 and 3. Every technical request is being handled on the same day. To further improve our services and speed up processes for our customers, we plan to launch 24/7 online support starting from May 1st, 2018.

5. CanNet is not a member of CRTC/CCTS

CCTS is a organization that handles consumers complaints. If any ISP receives complaints by their customers, it will automatically join the CCTS. If there are no complaint about the ISP to the CCTS, then the ISP would not need to join the CCTS.

6. CanNet prices are so low, can they still provide good services?

Due to our partnerships which are some important pillars of strong support, our costs can be significantly lower than other ISPs on the market as we don’t need to pay a lot of additional costs. We like to operate on economies of scale to reduce costs and promote efficiency.

we hope by addressing some of these rumours that potential customers are more confident in our abilities to provide affordable high-speed internet services to people living in Canada. Furthermore, we are confident to announce for new customers:

30 Days Extended Warranty

You can try our services worry free for 30 days as we are providing a 30 days full refund Warranty for all new customers starting from their activation date. For any NEW customers, if you are for any reason not happy with our services, you can cancel within 30 days from your activation date and obtain a full refund after the modem is returned.

We welcome all our competitors to compete to see who are willing to provide customers with better services and lower prices. We do not spread rumours to scare away potential customers and we do not want to obtain customers by spreading false rumours trying to damage the reputation of others. We are not like other ISPs out there, who only want to post fake good reviews of themselves and pay people to buy good reviews. We welcome all our customers to post your real experiences on Google and RFD, whether you had a good or bad experience with our services. In the end we want to learn from all the experiences so that we can improve our services and products for all of our customers.

CanNet Management Team