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  • CanNet Cable Unlimited 75M plans ONLY $29.98/m

CanNet Cable Unlimited 75M plans ONLY $29.98/m

We at CanNet offer the lowest price for 75M unlimited cable plans in Canada. Please do consider that you need to live in a Rogers service area to be able to sign-up for these plans. Our 75M plans come with the following benefits for you:

• Download speeds up to 75Mbps

• Upload speeds up to 10Mbps

• No contract

• No upfront fees

• Unlimited usage

Below are the 3 options for our 75M plan

Option 1

• 75M plan with wired modem rental

first 3 months free rental

• Starting from the 4th month, modem rental fee $4.99/m

• (credit check* required or $50 deposit + $100 hardware deposit)

• Monthly $29.98 for 2 years, afterwards $39.98 monthly

Option 2

• 75M plan with wireless modem rental

first 3 months free rental

• Starting from the 4th month, modem rental fee $9.99/m

• (credit check* required or $100 deposit + $100 hardware deposit)

• Monthly $29.98, afterwards $39.98 monthly

Option 3

• 75M plan with BYOD, no additional charges (credit check is required or $35 deposit)

• Monthly $29.98* for 1 year, afterwards price will be $39.98 monthly

BYOD supported devices

For our 75M unlimited cable plan we offer the option for the customer to use their own devices. The following devices are supported:

• Hitron CDA3-20

• Hitron CDA3-35

• Thomson / Technicolor TC4350

• TP-Link TC7650

To sign-up with your own modem or to verify if your modem is supported please call in at +1-416-800-2323 and ask our representatives. They will be able to provide you with the adequate information and help you with sign-up. For more information please go to our promotion page:

There is no upfront fee when you sign-up; you only have to go through our credit check or pay a deposit, if you fail the credit check we require a service deposit and/or hardware deposit, which will be fully refunded upon cancellation of our services. The following services are free of charge for you:

• Installation by a Rogers technician

• Shipping of your modem via Canada Post

From the day of sign- up to the day of installation we need at least 7 days, as requested by Rogers; as it will be a Rogers technician who performs installation.

It takes approximately 24-48 hours for your order to be approved by Rogers once we have submitted it through their portal.

We will send you a confirmation regarding your installation time and date once we have received confirmation from Rogers.

*We will be applying $29.98 monthly fee at the time of placing the order, if your credit score is Good or above the amount will be adjusted with your 1st invoice.

Upon cancellation need to return the device in the case of Rental option.


If existing canNet customers want to switch, $200 deposit required (which will be held without interests until cancellation) & No credit check with the terms of the above plan.